Up State New York blues

Rough day in up state New York today. First we drove 3 hours out of the way for a job that wasn’t even supposed to be on the schedule. We had to stay in a Walmart parking lot for the night since there was nothing around it. We did 3 jobs and made our way farther south. We ended up in Pulaski, NY near the 1000 islands. We were not sure what to do for campgrounds, so we tried the Selkirk Shores State Park. The price seemed good until they through on the out of state tax, the kids tax, and the other garbage. Ended up being like $37 a night with electric only hook ups and no internet. After getting stuck in their stupid grass only RV spots we got pulled out and got a refund.

So after that swearing and screaming event (we were stressed already and both of us snapped), we went half mile down the road to Bears Sleepy Hollow Campground. This campground at least had gravel on their spots, but they were small and tight and there was nothing for kids to do there. Plus no one was in the office to check in, so we gave up and headed to the more expensive campground on the road, Brennan Beach RV Resort. According to the Passport America website, they gave 50% off. However no one in the office knew what it was or how to ring it up. They ended up giving us the kids for free, but it still was $10 more then it should have been.

Brennan Beach RV Resort is huge and it’s alright. It’s older and could use some repair and upkeep. Maybe in the summer it’s better maintained. It was just as muddy as the state park and you could see where a lot of people had already gotten stuck and been pulled out. We drove around for about 20 minutes and chose our spot that was raised and gravel, even though they had assigned us one. The park was pretty empty.

They had beach access on Lake Ontario, which had a gorgeous sunset. The playground is big and the kids loved it even though it looked old to me. The pool is decent size, but it’s closed right now. There is plenty of stuff for kids and families to do and tons and tons of spots. So I think this is probably not a bad place. Price was a bit high, but after everything else we had been through, I just wanted a beer.

Prayerfully tomorrow will be better.

  • Mike Hennigan

    June 2nd, 2011

    Wish you went 30 miles north on Rt 3 to Henderson Harbor NY to this RV park. It occupies 100% of a beautiful island with 100’s of water sites directly on Lake Ontario or on Henderson Harbor. The sites are literally on the water! The sites are huge, the pool and all grounds are very well taken care of. If you ever had a water site here you will never be satisfied with another park’s water sites—they are that terrific.

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