Working in Ohio

This week I am working in Ohio. There has been some driving involved, but probably not as much as usual. I did get to meet up with my old college room mate for lunch yesterday. That was nice. Haven’t seen him in several years as we have both been super busy.

I only have 6 more MCD sites to do for this week. Next week I will be local working on installing a new Point Of Sale for Hilltop Hardware. It a pretty big task, but I think it will be a great step forward for them.

We found out that we over heated our van just a bit too much on the way home from NYC and cooked the head gaskets. It’s leaking oil now and it’s sluggish feeling. 🙁 I had not wanted to have another car payment for a while. Praying about what to do here. We really need a diesel truck, but I just don’t want to spend that kind of money. I was really trying to stay out of debt. Grrr! Oh well, God knows what we need. He has never failed me and I trust this time will be the same. Still I wish I had gotten more then a year and half out of the van. Its my fault that it happened (big surprise, I am a car killer).

This project will be done in September. Not sure what coming after it. Still praying for guidance and provision there as well.

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