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Michigan – Swimming

Today we had to switch campgrounds again as we headed farther north in Michigan. Before we went though, we took an hour to swim in the lake. They had a pretty neat water slide, but alas it was not open for us to try out. What a bummer. We did have some fun snorkeling though.

Just a few pix. I shot a bunch of video. Perhaps some day I will have a chance to do something fun with it all for you all.

One day down, 4 more for this work week.

Today went alright. Did two jobs this morning, then came home and swam with the kids in the lake for a bit, ate lunch, and then hit the Hands on Science museum. Then came home ate dinner and ran out and did one more job. Came home took a walk. Not too bad. Wish we had fast internet here, but alas, when you camp near a lake, you probably don't have good internet. 🙂 lately we have had bad luck with finding decent internet.

So as I go lay down to sleep I will set this to upload pix. If you don't see any, then wait a while and then refresh the page.


Oh and for those who still want to hold on to your incandescent light bulbs because the light is better and the government can't tell you what to do. Check out the pix showing the energy usage on one of those archaic things versus an LED bulb or florescent bulb. 🙂

Right back where we started

Well, not quite where we started. We started this MCD project in St. Louis area, but exactly a year ago we were here... In Detroit, MI. There are only 3 weeks left for us on this project, at least that's what the email said. We are not sure what is next for us, but at least we can park at Big Oak Ridge for a bit and figure it out. I trust that God will continue to provide. He hasn't let me down yet, and I suspect He never will as long as I stay in His will.

It's sort of weird to be coming to the end of the project and not know what's coming next. The last 3 projects, I knew they were coming before the one before it ended. Now we are seeing uncertainty. I am not worried, but we haven't been through this in a few years, so it feels awkward.

Anyhow, we are in Michigan, then we will move to North Carolina next week and Florida the week after that. Then I guess it's back to PA to finish up what I started there and see what's next.

More miles to come

We have been at Big Oak Ridge all this week. I have been working on at Hilltop Hardware all this week installed a new POS system for them. Shelli has been working her tail off on the farm, picking veggies, canning them, taking care of animals, and just generally trying not to sweat to death in the 90-100 degree heat that is here right now.

We head out again on Sunday, and we will do a circuit up to Michigan, then Down to North Carolina, and further down to Florida. After that we aren't sure. I am going to need a oil change in the new truck by the time that is done that's for sure. 🙂

We didn't even have time to wash the truck and trailer while we were home. It's been non stop since we rolled in. Phew!

Finally have internet again! Big Post!

Well, after that campground in Maine, we didn't have internet again for the rest of the trip. So now we are back at Big Oak Ridge and I can upload pix and such.

We worked our way through Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, then we ended in New York for the weekend hanging out with some friends at a state park. The drive was beautiful albeit very hilly. I was very thankful for the new Dodge since the old Chevy van could not have towed up an down the hills like this truck did. It's got 3000 miles on it already. That's 1000 miles a week since we bought it. Sounds typical. 🙂

We did 12 MCD SS jobs throughout the New England states, and we did a few things along the way. We stopped at Calvin Coolidge birth place (our 30th prez) and saw some neat stuff. We have been listening to Little House on The Prairie audio books and at this place we got see a lot of old buggies and tools that we hear about in the stories. It was pretty fascinating to me to see the old machinery and things like that.

I think the kids enjoyed this trip as well and it seemed to go pretty fast. The kids fought a little in the tighter quarters of a truck, but no more then they did in a van, so I think that was a success. They got to have a lot of fun with some other kids in the state park, and they may have even learned a thing or two. 🙂

Overall we had a good time and now we are back playing farmers while my parents are on vacation. This should be interesting. 🙂

First time trying lobster!

So we were in Maine and figured we had to give lobster a try.

Now I want to say, that first of all, we like some white fish, tuna, and salmon. I like shrimp. We/I have never really tried anything else. Never had crab or oysters or squid or anything like that.

The kids were up for trying something new and so was I. This restaurant was semi decent and right near where we were staying (we always check the google reviews). So we ordered a lobster to share. We had to ask the waitress how to eat the darn thing. So she showed us how to crack it open and get the meat out. We all tried it.....

None of use were impressed. It wasn't awful, but I can say that I will not be ordering it ever again. If I was hungry I would eat it, but not something I would want to eat. The kids and wife feel the same way. Guess we just aren't seafood people. 🙂


Well we made it to Maine. As you can see by are updated map on the main page, we have pretty much covered the eastern part of the U.S. We have a couple small gaps here and there as we generally only count a place that we did something in. So if we just drove across a state and did nothing there, then it doesn't make it to our map.

Maine is beautiful, but the lack of internet and good cell phone service make it hard to show you just how beautiful. Our new Dodge truck did awesome. I probably won't stop raving about it anytime soon. It climbed mountains like a champ and then maintained a nice easy speed going back down. The combo of diesel power, and trailer braking makes it an excellent tow vehicle. I am glad we were able to get it. It's so so so much better then the van for towing. Comfort wise, we are not as squished as you might think and the kids made the 12hour trip without any more fuss and fighting then they did in the van. So I count that as a success. The sound system is about 10 times better so our audio books sound better. 🙂 I think the kids also find the truck easier to sleep in while driving then they did the van. The dog is not as happy since we don't let him on the seats, but he curled up on the floor and slept most of the ride. He really isn't a bad dog when he's not acting like a puppy. 🙂

We are camped overlooking a lake right now and it's amazing. We are up on a small mountain and can see the whole of God creation spread before us. It's sort of like a mini version of Montana. 🙂

I do wish I had brought my canoe though. I kept thinking about it, but decided not too and now I am kicking myself. I want to do some canoeing and this water looks so inviting.

Anyhow, I am going to try to post some pix. I tried once already and it crashed. So here it goes.

Being Stationary

Being stationary for a long period of time, especially at Big Oak Ridge, tends to lead to laziness in blogging. We have been fairly busy while parked here. I have found work to pay the bills and been busy doing that, but we have also ben doing a lot of farm work. We have a small stake in Big Oak Ridge since it's our home base, and we get food from gardens and animals. The strawberries were on when we got here so it's been pick strawberries and make jelly and syrup almost non stop for 3 weeks. Shelli was helping my mom do that. I have been working on the pasture fence. There have not been any animals in it for a year or two now and it was in sad shape. The entire fence had to be weed whacked around, then it needed repaired and tightened. Also, the barn that I started building before we began the adventure needed some work done on it. It's now ready for goats and cows again. We have calls into some places that sell them, and we are waiting for a call back. It's been good here. I am a little sore as I haven't used most of these muscles in a year. 🙂 We head to Maine on the 9th for a week, then we will back again just in time for my parents vacation to start. So we will have to watch the farm while they are gone.

Anyone have a cheap riding mower? The $300 we have had for 5-6 years finally blew up. 🙂

Call us if you want to hang out. We are flexible.