Being Stationary

Being stationary for a long period of time, especially at Big Oak Ridge, tends to lead to laziness in blogging. We have been fairly busy while parked here. I have found work to pay the bills and been busy doing that, but we have also ben doing a lot of farm work. We have a small stake in Big Oak Ridge since it’s our home base, and we get food from gardens and animals. The strawberries were on when we got here so it’s been pick strawberries and make jelly and syrup almost non stop for 3 weeks. Shelli was helping my mom do that. I have been working on the pasture fence. There have not been any animals in it for a year or two now and it was in sad shape. The entire fence had to be weed whacked around, then it needed repaired and tightened. Also, the barn that I started building before we began the adventure needed some work done on it. It’s now ready for goats and cows again. We have calls into some places that sell them, and we are waiting for a call back. It’s been good here. I am a little sore as I haven’t used most of these muscles in a year. 🙂 We head to Maine on the 9th for a week, then we will back again just in time for my parents vacation to start. So we will have to watch the farm while they are gone.

Anyone have a cheap riding mower? The $300 we have had for 5-6 years finally blew up. 🙂

Call us if you want to hang out. We are flexible.

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