First time trying lobster!

So we were in Maine and figured we had to give lobster a try.

Now I want to say, that first of all, we like some white fish, tuna, and salmon. I like shrimp. We/I have never really tried anything else. Never had crab or oysters or squid or anything like that.

The kids were up for trying something new and so was I. This restaurant was semi decent and right near where we were staying (we always check the google reviews). So we ordered a lobster to share. We had to ask the waitress how to eat the darn thing. So she showed us how to crack it open and get the meat out. We all tried it…..

None of use were impressed. It wasn’t awful, but I can say that I will not be ordering it ever again. If I was hungry I would eat it, but not something I would want to eat. The kids and wife feel the same way. Guess we just aren’t seafood people. 🙂

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