Finally have internet again! Big Post!

Well, after that campground in Maine, we didn’t have internet again for the rest of the trip. So now we are back at Big Oak Ridge and I can upload pix and such.

We worked our way through Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, then we ended in New York for the weekend hanging out with some friends at a state park. The drive was beautiful albeit very hilly. I was very thankful for the new Dodge since the old Chevy van could not have towed up an down the hills like this truck did. It’s got 3000 miles on it already. That’s 1000 miles a week since we bought it. Sounds typical. 🙂

We did 12 MCD SS jobs throughout the New England states, and we did a few things along the way. We stopped at Calvin Coolidge birth place (our 30th prez) and saw some neat stuff. We have been listening to Little House on The Prairie audio books and at this place we got see a lot of old buggies and tools that we hear about in the stories. It was pretty fascinating to me to see the old machinery and things like that.

I think the kids enjoyed this trip as well and it seemed to go pretty fast. The kids fought a little in the tighter quarters of a truck, but no more then they did in a van, so I think that was a success. They got to have a lot of fun with some other kids in the state park, and they may have even learned a thing or two. 🙂

Overall we had a good time and now we are back playing farmers while my parents are on vacation. This should be interesting. 🙂

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