One day down, 4 more for this work week.

Today went alright. Did two jobs this morning, then came home and swam with the kids in the lake for a bit, ate lunch, and then hit the Hands on Science museum. Then came home ate dinner and ran out and did one more job. Came home took a walk. Not too bad. Wish we had fast internet here, but alas, when you camp near a lake, you probably don’t have good internet. 🙂 lately we have had bad luck with finding decent internet.

So as I go lay down to sleep I will set this to upload pix. If you don’t see any, then wait a while and then refresh the page.


Oh and for those who still want to hold on to your incandescent light bulbs because the light is better and the government can’t tell you what to do. Check out the pix showing the energy usage on one of those archaic things versus an LED bulb or florescent bulb. 🙂

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