Museum of Life and Science

We were bored and wanted to do something fun. We looked up the free museums on our pass list and went searching. The first one we went to was at a college and was uber lame. It had a planetarium and museum, but the planetarium was not free and the museum was like two classrooms of college kid made stuff. BORING!!

So then we drove another 20 minutes to the Museum of Life and Science. SCORE! We love hands on stuff that teaches us about science and this one was a winner. It was so big and so nice that we went two days in a row! My favorite part was the wind section. Here we got to drive radio controlled sail boats. This combines several things I love. Water, boats, and tech. It was sweet. So was the crash test dummy exhibit. Saw that at 10mph severe damage happens without a seat belt. It was pretty shocking. I think we all got the point. Buckle up!

Anyhow, here’s a bunch of pix!

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