What to do now….

As this MCD project comes to a close this week, we are forced with the realization that we have no idea what we are doing next. The original plan was to buy a house, but we have not found anything we like in a price we can afford. We talked about going south, but that can be expensive if we are paying campground fees all winter. We could stay parked at Big Oak Ridge, but it will take a considerable amount of work to get ready for winter. I am not afraid of doing the work or staying in a trailer in the winter, but we just don’t know if there will be much work in the area. Not to mention we don’t have full hookups here.

We will take yours prayers for wisdom. God knows what’s next even though we don’t.

And if anyone has property or lives in warmer climates and has room for a 33ft trailer that wouldn’t mind some snow birds…… 🙂 Please let us know. 🙂

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