Pictures of Stuff we have been doing

Well I thought I would finally post some of the promised pix.

We have been back in Franklin for about a month now. First thing we did when we got back was have a baby shower for my sister and brother in law. The girls did girly stuff and the guys had a corn hole tournament.

The next weekend, Shelli and I went to the Crawford county fair. I took Shelli to see Lady Antebellum in concert the first night it opened, then the next day we took the kids up to see the animals and have some fair food. Towards the end of the day Thing 1 asked a guy walking his horses for a ride and he said yes. So they kids rode about for about 15 minutes in the back of a wagon. Take that you $5 per ride pony guy! 🙂

We have been enjoying ourselves and I have been having work to keep us afloat. God is good.

We went and looked at this house, it needs a ton of work inside. New kitchen, new bathroom (including floors in both), but the price is right, and maybe with a little sweat we could have a nice little place near town.

Anyhow, anyone who misses us and wants to get together, call my cell or my office line.

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