Monday night I did the worst store I have ever done in 3 years of doing Ollies upgrades.  Not in terms of the store being bad, just in tech terms.  I had do so much work to make the new register fit in the counters and run the cable.  I started at 8pm and didn’t get done until 10:30am Tuesday.  Ugh.  Then I get back to the campground we parked at and they said I had to be out by 1pm.  So I slept for 2 hours and then hit the road to the next one.  Thankfully Shelli can drive this Dodge with trailer on (she couldn’t drive the Chevy we used to have).  So she drove for an hour and I took a nap.

We rolled in to Harrisonburg, VA just in time for dinner and get back to work.  Shelli helped me last night and the job we much much smoother.  Started at 8pm and done by like 2am.  When I laid down in bed I instantly passed out and slept until like 10am.  I am finally feeling better.

3 hour drive to the next job site and hopefully it’s not a bad job either.  Shelli will probably help me again, it seems to go much better with two people.

Current weather near us right now:
harrisonburg, va, n/a, n/a

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