Columbus again!

This weekend after a bunch of really long drives between jobs site, we back tracked a little bit to Columbus to see my adopted family.  Well, I’m not really adopted, but in college I really hit it off instantly with their son Cliff and we became best friends in weeks.  We were roomates for a few short months before he died in a car accident.  I always felt a big attachment to his family and took to calling them mom and dad and I happily adopted his little sister Gina after his passing.  So whenever I can, I go to Columbus and see them.  So this time around we decided to surprise them.  What fun!  Although Patti is psychic and pretty much guessed the whole surprise.

We stayed at Cross Creek RV Resort which is a really nice campground, but the price just keep going up.  It cost us $100 for two nights because they charge for each child.  The whole park was crammed full with no empty spaces, so it must work for them.

My “sheltered” home schooled kids immediately found kids to play with and organized a game of Isrealli dodge ball (GaGa).  I love that my kids don’t care about race, creed, or any of that nonsense.  People are people and they are nice to them all.



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