Maiden run of the Black Buffalo

We had a job to do in Jackson, TN and this was the maiden run of the Black Buffalo. Getting our old trailer hitched up the first time took a little thinking and couple of extra parts. But it towed great. The brake controller doesn’t work the way I want but they are cheap enough to replace.


We had a brake seize up on the way there and had to the truck to the service center. They had it for nearly a week while we did the job,but did get it fixed $925 later. Ugh. Joys of buying a used truck.

The camper had a flat after sitting a week but the truck was previously owned by a race team and it has on board air so we were able to fill it up and hit the road.


The kids really like the extra room and the comfy seats. It’s noisier going down the road then the Black Sheep was but it’s easy to drive and more comfortable for everyone.  So far we are liking it.

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