Ryan in Niagra Falls.

Ryan Cornmesser is a computer and communications technician with over 15 years of experience.  He has done network and POS installations around the country for places such as, Office Depot, The Childrens Place, Disney, Rite Aid, Game Stop, Walmart, JC Pennies, and many more.  Ryan has extensive network, telephone, computer, and point of sale knowledge.

Recently Ryan and his family decided that since they travel all the time to do these jobs, why not just live on the road full time.  He purchased a travel trailer big enough for his wife, himself, and his four children, packed up, and went on the road to where the work was.

Shelli is a stay at home mother of four. She home schools the children and works on her hobbies. She is also a valuable asset when it comes to finding campgrounds, planning family activities, and getting this big rig parked places. Not to mention we would all starve without her. 🙂

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