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Awesome weekend in the Outer Banks!

After a long week of work, we pulled into our friend Steve and Loretta's driveway in Moynock, NC.  They are awesome to hang out with.  Their 3 boys are pretty great and Shelli and Loretta have been friends almost forever.  Steve is in the Navy and he's an awesome tour guide.  We took their boat out in the sound and went across to the beach and did some swimming and saw the wild horses at Carova.  That was pretty awesome and you can drive on the beach if you have a worth 4x4 and we saw some awesome ones there.

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After swimming in the ocean a bit, we jumped back in the boat and headed to Corolla island and saw the Whaleshead mansion and took a tour. History is cool! Afterwards we dropped a ton of cash on an awesome meal out and then boated back across the sound to home.


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When we were almost back to shore, we got out the raft and did some tubing behind the boat!

2014-06-07 19.25.50 2014-06-07 19.16.39 20140607_185908   20140607_190626 20140607_190029

After all the fun, we left the kids with Ashlynne to babysit and the grownups when to a pig picking across the street.  Adult beverages and BBQ pig and fun.  What a great weekend!!  It was superb!  Thank you so much Steve and Loretta!!

Flash Flood!

Parked in another Ollies parking lot and this time in Carey, NC and a flash storm came up and flooded the parking lot.  We were on the high side so we were fine, but it was pretty cool to watch.

2014-06-11 17.23.57 2014-06-11 17.24.03 2014-06-11 17.25.52

Using toys to work!

So I have always wanted to use one of my RC trucks to pull cable but never had a chance to try it.  Until now!!

They were supposed to order me a lift for pulling cable, but somehow it got missed.  So I used one of the RC trucks to pull cable from the front of the store to the back.  Enjoy the video!


Monday night I did the worst store I have ever done in 3 years of doing Ollies upgrades.  Not in terms of the store being bad, just in tech terms.  I had do so much work to make the new register fit in the counters and run the cable.  I started at 8pm and didn't get done until 10:30am Tuesday.  Ugh.  Then I get back to the campground we parked at and they said I had to be out by 1pm.  So I slept for 2 hours and then hit the road to the next one.  Thankfully Shelli can drive this Dodge with trailer on (she couldn't drive the Chevy we used to have).  So she drove for an hour and I took a nap.

We rolled in to Harrisonburg, VA just in time for dinner and get back to work.  Shelli helped me last night and the job we much much smoother.  Started at 8pm and done by like 2am.  When I laid down in bed I instantly passed out and slept until like 10am.  I am finally feeling better.

3 hour drive to the next job site and hopefully it's not a bad job either.  Shelli will probably help me again, it seems to go much better with two people.

Current weather near us right now:
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Ollies upgrades again

It's that time of year again, time to do Ollies Bargain Outlet upgrades. I really like working for Ollies. The people are great to work with and the job is great.

I will be upgrading their registers and servers and making room for expansion.

This year the family has decided to travel with me. It's always nice to have my family along. These jobs seem very monotonous without them after a while. It's also easier to get burned out when I don't have them along.

Anyhow, our first stop is Chambersburg, PA. We came down a day early just to get used to being on the road again. The campground we choose, Twin Bridges Campground, is decent. It's basically an old farm that they just converted to a campground. They have a small Creek for wading running thru and some very good sized grass lots. Fire ring and picnic table at each one. About $35 a night didn't seem to bad either.

Tonight will be my first night working nights since last year. So we will see how it goes. 😉

wpid-20140601_112835.jpgThe dog actually seemed to enjoy the merry go round.




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River Terrace Campground

I stayed in the parking lot of the Marshalls job site the first couple nights, but I didn't want to hang out there all weekend so I came the 8 minutes down the road to River Terrace Campground in Monticello, MN. It's right along the Mississippi river and it looks like it might flood in the early spring. haha. It's a campground/trailer park, but it's decent. Nice play area for kids and level spots to park. I was able to find some wifi and get some work done.

2014-04-25 15.28.11

2014-04-25 15.26.42

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2014-04-25 15.25.33

Update time

Been so busy I forget to update.

We took the trip to Colorado and had a good time. Got to lay hands on and pray over my best friend before he shipped out. The kids got to see some awesome stuff while we were out. We went to the top of Pikes Peak, hiked around the Garden of the Gods and generally just had a good time hanging out with old friends.

Work has been slow and we didn't have anything real good for 3 weeks. I just recently started a project for Ollies Bargain Outlet that should catch up all our bills.

So that's where I am now. Boondocking in a parking lot in St Clairsville, OH. I do the upgrade at night and sleep in the parking to make sure that everything is working in the morning. The job is pretty decent, but there is only 28 stores to do, so I will be back to looking for work again next month.

That't the short and sweet update on us. 🙂2013-06-08 12.29.21

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2013-06-11 11.57.00

2013-06-11 15.21.07

Staying busy.

Well I have been staying crazy busy for quite sometime now. This is a good thing as I was worried that I would not have work. I should have known God would provide (well I did know He would). Just sometimes our ideas and Gods ideas don't look the same. It always amazes me how things work out.

We are all moved into the new house. I have been putting on about 3000 miles a month for work. Being in a house is nice, but I do miss the different scenery of travel. Looking forward to the next project where we can see some more of the country.

Moving day!






















Well its official. We are home owners. Well the bank and the government own it, we just get to do whatever we want with it. 🙂

Everyone is adjusting well and its nice to have different rooms to goto.
Now I have to get the camper winterized since we won't be living in it.

Thanks everyone who helped us move and helped us get to this point. God bless you all. 🙂

Stuff we need

As many of you know, we got rid of almost all of our furniture when we hit the road. We are currently in the process of buying a house and we need some things when we move. I will keep this ongoing and check off things as we get them. Thank in advance for following our blog. We will continue to travel so we will keep updating.

Thing we need for the new house:
Dining room table and chairs
Bed for the grownup (king or queen)
Decent sized Freezer (our little portable on just won't cut it)
End stands
Shelves for garage and basement