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Water Again (heated water hose)

Today it got warm enough that our pipes thawed and water started working again. Yay! We decided to try to keep it that, so we went down to Lowe's and bought some heat tape and some insulation. This whole setup makes me a bit nervous because of all the warnings on it. I am going to keep an eye on it and make sure it works ok. Why would anyone buy something with this much warning about fire on it and put it in their house? 🙂 I put it outside, so we'll see. I am not even sure it's installed properly either. Oy.

Anyhow, we laid on the hose inside and then laid the heat tape along it just like the directions said, then we put the insulation over that. Then we hooked the whole thing up. This campground has a nice buried bucket type setup for the water so it keeps the faucet warm and unfrozen.

Finally used our Flojet RV waste pump.

Finally had a chance to use our Flojet RV waste pump kit that we bought online several months ago. The basic jist of this little wonder is that it allows you to empty your RV holding tanks into a toilet or sewer drain up to 75' away with a garden hose. Today I did it through a 100ft 5/8" garden hose into a toilet. It worked awesomely (if that's a word)! I did the front galley gray tank first just to test it. Emptied it from half full in about 3 minutes. Then I did the black tank from full. Took about 5-6 minutes to empty it. The rear gray took longer since it's the biggest tank, but still only about 8 minutes from full.

Check out my full review on the Has Been There site.

Home made Stinky Slinky holder

We recently purchased an extra 5ft Rhino sewer hose. Which by the way are awesome. The Rhino hoses snap from about 2ft to about 15ft on the big one. Very cool and they hold their shape that you put it in and have swivel ends. We have set ours up with a Y coupler since we have two tanks. Worked out great, but now I had 4 different hoses to carry and the bumper only held two. So I had read about using PVC to make an extra carrier, but decided this 4x4" PVC deck post would work better. I used springs to hold one cap end on so that it could be snapped off to pull the sewer hose out. The other cap end I glued on with PVC cement that came the cap. I used 1/4" x 1" Carriage bolts to hold the springs in place. I put a couple washers and a nylon lock nut on to keep the whole thing from falling apart. I very happy with how it turned out for only about 15 minutes of work. I used some big UV indoor/outdoor zip strips to mount it on. I couldn't find hose clamps big enough and the zip strips where cheap and I have extras. I am pleased with how it worked and it travel well on its for maiden voyage.

Extra Storage under the couch.

Read about this mod online so I figured I would try it. Basically there is empty space under the couch going to waste. So I went to Lowes and got some heavy duty magnets and some Gorilla glue. I flipped the couch up and removed the 6 screws holding on the front cover (2 screws hold it to the floor in the back). There are big metal L brackets that hold that piece on so I left those. I used the Gorilla glue to attach the magnets to the front cover piece. Then it will just magnet right onto the brackets I left behind. Now Shelli will have a place to put the pots that are just awkward in the cupboards.

Velcro on the dinette pads

The dinette pads are always moving and sliding. So we had some super strong velcro from the screen room that I decided would work perfect to hold the cushions in place.

New Mattress

When we bought this camper, the brochure said deluxe inner spring mattress for our bed. Well the mattress was neither deluxe or inner spring and Lerch RV was good enough to replace it for us. However, the manufacture sent another non deluxe non inner spring mattress. So rather then bother , who has been great to us, we went straight to Keystone, the trailer manufacture. They would not really comment on the fact that they lied in their brochure, instead they offered us $250 towards a new mattress. So Shelli, being the amazing woman that she is, found a local mattress factory that would custom make a mattress to fit our camper (its shorter then a normal queen). It was only like $320 for a super nice pillow top. These pix show us cutting up the old one to prove it's not inner spring. We put it on Ashlynnes bed to give her a bit more comfort. The new mattress has a 20 year warranty, but its much taller so now we have to be careful not to hit our heads on the cupboards and the kids can't get up on it. It's very comfy and I have had a couple good nights sleeps now.

Other “mods”

Some things don't really count as a mod, but we did change from stock for or add these:

Wireless indoor/outdoor thermometer
Moved the front coat rack down where the kids could reach it
Added a corner shower caddy in the shower
Mac mini media center with 1TB drive full of shows and movies (never gets used)
Desk in rear bead room for my laptop (blocks the back door)
latches on the rear bed so it doesn't lift up while driving
extra latch on top drawer because it kept coming open
power tongue jack
new mattress
towel hooks for 6 towels
hand towel rack in bathroom
rear sliding door stoppers
wall mounted Roomba Vacuum
sliding drawers in bathroom cupboards
leveler bubbles
second fire extinguisher in rear bedroom
Surge strips in because there just wasn't the outlets that we needed in the right places.

Tire Pressure Monitor

Since we had a blow out one the way home last time, I decided it was worth the investment to get a tire pressure monitor for the trailer. It was not cheap. About $259 at Camping World, but to keep my family safe, totally worth it.

Added a $49.99 stabilizer

We kept having problems with the trailer rocking side to side. Especially with the rear slide out.

We went to camping world and looked at stabilizers. I wasn't sure if I could install the BAL arms or if I wanted to spend $300 on stabilizing. So we figure for $50 we could try this one. If it didn't work we could return it.

Well after super easy setup and test. AMAZING!!!!! No more side to side rocking! YAY!!

Home made wheel chocks.

So after reading up on the internet and being tired of not being able to keep the camper from rocking with generic wheels chocks, I decided to make some wheel locks. These wedge the between the tires and keep the camper from moving front to back. We just need figure out how to make it not shake side to side.

You can find plans on the internet but you can tell from the photos how to do it. Just some 5/8 threaded rod and some pieces of 4x4. I cut them 7 1/4" at the top, then just sort of guessed at the angle. Took a couple of cuts, I started wide and moved in until it fit right. I need 4 more nuts to lock it tight on the end that shouldn't move. Cost the most to buy the ratcheting wrench to tighten it and loosen it.