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Using toys to work!

So I have always wanted to use one of my RC trucks to pull cable but never had a chance to try it.  Until now!!

They were supposed to order me a lift for pulling cable, but somehow it got missed.  So I used one of the RC trucks to pull cable from the front of the store to the back.  Enjoy the video!

Thanksgiving at Big Oak Ridge

This year we spent Thanksgiving at Big Oak Ridge with our family. It was a nice chill environment. The kids got to play with their cousins and I got to hold my newest niece. It was pretty nice. I really didn't take any pix though.

I have been staying pretty local for work so not as much travel going on. Still put 36k miles on my truck already since January though.

I have been making a documentary series though if you are interested in watching that.

102 in Starke, FL so we hit the pool!

Some fun on video

We recently got a new video camera because we wanted to make movies for Big Oak Ridge, and also document some of our own travels. I assembled a small grouping of random videos that were fun for your viewing pleasure.