New “home”

Today I picked up the new camper. Got the full walk around and all that jazz. It's a lot nicer then all the old ones we have used in the past. Lots of automatic stuff to make my life easier. It's nice to have a camper that everything works on. 🙂 I rolled into Gifford Pinchott State park and got it all setup. My air card work great here, but can't pick up any tv channels. Going to copy a movie over to the flash drive to watch. 🙂

If you want one of your own, hit up

I pick up the new “home” Tuesday

Well, this will become our new home for the next year while we travel around.

We are in the process of getting rid of nearly everything we own to go on the road full time. It's a big step and a bit nerve racking, but it's time for a change.

Added an Offer Work page

Now potential clients can offer me work right from the website. I also added a link to my OnForce profile so that can see my ranking.

Added Calendar

I have added my free/busy calendar now. This should help with know when I am available.

Starting a blog.

I am starting this blog as way to document my travels and as a way for companies to find me to offer me work while I travel.  I plan to have free/busy info posted, as well as GPS tracking.  This way contract companies will easily know where I am and they can call me for work. 🙂