Putting up some food




So now that we are parked for a while we decided to put up some food for the winter. We got some free apples (just a few) and some chicks (they will be grown by snow fall).

We are still in the camper and haven't heard a word about another project. I have been picking up odd jobs here and there to pay the bills. PTL.

Still parked in Franklin, PA

We are still parked at my parents farm, Big Oak Ridge. Still haven't come up with a solid plan for winter yet either. We are talking about ending the travel and buying a house. We talked about just renting someplace for the winter. Just nothing has presented itself yet.

I am finding just enough work to pay the bills. I have tightened up our budget, but its a little harder now.

Things have been going decent. Kids are settled into a school routine pretty well. I have been doing what I can around the farm to help out. The barn is nearly buttoned up for winter, and the old chickens have been butchered and canned. Shelli and my mom did a bunch of canning of apples, pears, and veggies. This will help our food budget a lot through the winter.

Thanks for all your prayers and support as we try to figure out what's next for our family.

Pictures of Stuff we have been doing

Well I thought I would finally post some of the promised pix.

We have been back in Franklin for about a month now. First thing we did when we got back was have a baby shower for my sister and brother in law. The girls did girly stuff and the guys had a corn hole tournament.

The next weekend, Shelli and I went to the Crawford county fair. I took Shelli to see Lady Antebellum in concert the first night it opened, then the next day we took the kids up to see the animals and have some fair food. Towards the end of the day Thing 1 asked a guy walking his horses for a ride and he said yes. So they kids rode about for about 15 minutes in the back of a wagon. Take that you $5 per ride pony guy! 🙂

We have been enjoying ourselves and I have been having work to keep us afloat. God is good.

We went and looked at this house, it needs a ton of work inside. New kitchen, new bathroom (including floors in both), but the price is right, and maybe with a little sweat we could have a nice little place near town.

Anyhow, anyone who misses us and wants to get together, call my cell or my office line.

Long time no post

I have been pretty busy since we got back into Franklin, PA. Hopefully later today I will have time to post some of the pictures of a few of the things we have been doing.

What to do now….

As this MCD project comes to a close this week, we are forced with the realization that we have no idea what we are doing next. The original plan was to buy a house, but we have not found anything we like in a price we can afford. We talked about going south, but that can be expensive if we are paying campground fees all winter. We could stay parked at Big Oak Ridge, but it will take a considerable amount of work to get ready for winter. I am not afraid of doing the work or staying in a trailer in the winter, but we just don't know if there will be much work in the area. Not to mention we don't have full hookups here.

We will take yours prayers for wisdom. God knows what's next even though we don't.

And if anyone has property or lives in warmer climates and has room for a 33ft trailer that wouldn't mind some snow birds...... 🙂 Please let us know. 🙂

102 in Starke, FL so we hit the pool!

Museum of Life and Science

We were bored and wanted to do something fun. We looked up the free museums on our pass list and went searching. The first one we went to was at a college and was uber lame. It had a planetarium and museum, but the planetarium was not free and the museum was like two classrooms of college kid made stuff. BORING!!

So then we drove another 20 minutes to the Museum of Life and Science. SCORE! We love hands on stuff that teaches us about science and this one was a winner. It was so big and so nice that we went two days in a row! My favorite part was the wind section. Here we got to drive radio controlled sail boats. This combines several things I love. Water, boats, and tech. It was sweet. So was the crash test dummy exhibit. Saw that at 10mph severe damage happens without a seat belt. It was pretty shocking. I think we all got the point. Buckle up!

Anyhow, here's a bunch of pix!

Our video trailer!

Coming into Raleigh

We are staying at the North Carolina State Fair grounds this week. It's pretty nice. Full hookups for only $25 a night. Awesome! They have been having a lot of rain so things are soggy, but we got to take a walk around the whole fair. On the way here we passed some sort of accident that had the traffic backed up for about 5 miles. I would have hated to be on the other side of the road. After being obnoxious for so so so long, then kids finally fell asleep and we had a peaceful last hour of the trip.

Michigan – Swimming

Today we had to switch campgrounds again as we headed farther north in Michigan. Before we went though, we took an hour to swim in the lake. They had a pretty neat water slide, but alas it was not open for us to try out. What a bummer. We did have some fun snorkeling though.

Just a few pix. I shot a bunch of video. Perhaps some day I will have a chance to do something fun with it all for you all.