If you are interested in sponsoring us or just advertising with us, please email me. We did 38,000 miles in 2010 so getting your logo on our rig will make it to a lot of places.

Sponsors through great deals or free stuff:
Lerch RV – They gave us a great deal on our brand new camper. They have bent over backwards for customer support, and they continue to help promote our web pages and support our adventure. Thanks!
Amsoil – Amsoil products are amazing. We have all fluids in our van converted over to their fully synthetic products. The oil gives us extended drain intervals effectively quadrupalling the mileage we get between oil changes. The transmission fluid runs cooler and shifts better then petroleum. We love Amsoil stuff. Plus if you buy through this site we get a small percentage.
AB Designs – Provided a free place to park for us when we were in the area. Also provided us with some prototype chassis for our radio control crawler hobby. Thanks!
Big Oak Ridge – Provides a home base for us while we travel (granted it’s my parents so not everyone could benefit from this deal). 🙂 Thanks!

Places we get “support” from:
Full Time Familes – Ezine on living full time in a camper
Families on the Road – Support Forums for families that live on the road
Outbackers – Online community for Outback owners
EPA RC Crawlers – Club for Eastern PA RC Crawlers. These are forums that we participate in for our family hobby, we built the site so we also get advertising revenue from it.

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